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The Blackberry is ON The Game

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The name is familiar than Apple Iphone today this trending all over World and social. some person say Blackberry future is gone  This is not yet Blackberry is On the game of Smartphone recently month Blackberry says  ‘we shutdown our company and sold’ this come reality Blackberry is not shot down Blackberry is going to weal up forever Blackberry sold to  Fairfax this weak I personally think Blackberry found perfect partner to Blackberry to weak and up I thing Fairfax has a plan for future of this Awesome Company this is needed as a Blackberry think . the entire years Blackberry share going down and down company facing big crisis Blackberry Moving fast issuing Blackberry share to private. By going private, Blackberry may buy time to fix itself.

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The future of Blackberry at this environment Blackberry will lose entire Smartphone market forever AS a blackberry fans this is not accepted The change is must I thing Blackberry moving perfectly to sold to Fairfax the all thing is now Fairfax WE Believe Fairfax to save Blackberry from this crisis WE pray to God please god help this Awesome Company god gives second chance to Blackberry than it s good for business. The coming year we expect many awesome devices from Blackberry