How Bitcoin Affect The America And Whole World

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                Today we're going to talk about bitcoin the future is probably the most requested topic for me to talk about in the past week or two especially because a lot of the rise recently in Bitcoin has been attributed to hype behind bitcoin futures and an increased amount of liquidity coming into the market from institutional investors and a lot of people are asking me Is price going to go up as a result of bitcoin futures coming and is it going to go down as a result of bitcoin future is being launched. Is it good for bitcoin. Is it bad for bitcoin is Wall Street going to start manipulating it. What's going to happen over the short term and what are my thoughts on the long term. So today we're going to talk about what the effect of bitcoin futures should be on Bitcoin now. First of all I will say that I think a lot of people expect a huge pump of liquidity into the market starting tomorrow when these futures launch on the Chicago Board Options Exchange and then next week when they launch for a group. However I want to level expectations just a little bit here because I want you to remember that the majority of people that will be investing in bitcoin futures are going to be institutional investors.

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             It's going to be accredited investors and it's going to be brokers on the behalf of wealthy clients in a lot of times it's not going to be the retail investor that is investing in futures mostly because number one they don't have enough money for the initial margin requirement especially in the case of CME Group futures. and then also the fact that it's usually more complex than most people are able to understand. And as a result of that most people stay away from it. So the majority of people that are going to be investing in these futures as people mostly already know is going to be wealthy individuals as well as institutional investors.

             What the result of this is that those types of investors tend to be a little bit more cautious and they're probably going to wait for the first expiration date and really have the first cycle go by where they understand how the volatility works. They understand whether or not the initial margin requirements were set high enough to actually make sense for bitcoin futures because I will tell you there's already been a number of criticisms as to whether or not margin requirements are high enough and I already know that a number of different brokers such as interactive brokers are actually going to implement a higher initial margin requirement than what is required by the Chicago Board Options Exchange as well as CME Group. For those of you that are unfamiliar with what initial margin requirement is it essentially says that you have to make a deposit in good faith that will be debited and credited. And this I know this is going to sound like complete nonsense to the majority of you.

              The simplest way to understand it is that you need to deposit a certain percentage of the worth of the contract. So in the case of Chicago Board Options Exchange one contract is going to be one bitcoin which makes it so that it actually is somewhat available to retail investors. Let's say the initial margin requirement is 40 percent.

               I believe it's closer to 45 percent for Chicago Board Options Exchange if I'm going off the top of my head here. If it's 40 percent then you're going to be required at this point to put in 40 percent fourteen thousand eight hundred eighty six dollars. Now it's actually not going to be exactly that because they use a different reference price than jete X. They're actually going to use Gemini and they're not actually going to use the Gemini exchange but rather they're going to use a price index that the Gemini exchange has created for them. So the point is though you have to put down 40 percent of the worth of a single contract for you to own the contract. After that every single day depending on the price fluctuations of the contract you're either going to lose some money from that deposit or gain some money from that deposit depending on whether or not the contract went against you or in your favor. So let's say you weren't long on a contract. What is going long on a contract. Mean it essentially means and this is actually not entirely true. But this is the easiest way to understand it it's that you agree to purchase bitcoin in the future at a certain price. And going short on a contract means that you agree to sell bitcoin at a certain price in the future. Now it actually doesn't work exactly like that because it's cash settlement which means you're actually going to be paying. And I'm not going to go too much into this because it's I don't know how to explain it in a very easy layman way.

               But essentially instead of doing it so that you're delivering actual bitcoin what's going to happen instead is on the settlement of the contract. In other words when that day happens in other words this is going to be the first expiration here it's going to be January 17th for the Chicago Board Options Exchange on that particular day. Let's say you and I go into a contract right now and I agree to buy bitcoin from you in the future on this date. Fifteen thousand dollars. Let's say on that date the price is sixteen thousand dollars instead of you selling me a bitcoin for fifteen thousand dollars. Instead what we're going to do is we're going to have it so that you actually pay me a thousand dollars and you lose a thousand. Right. So in other words out of that initial deposit that I make I'm going to gain a thousand dollars and you're going to lose a thousand dollars. It's going to be net neutral in terms of the overall contract and that contract will be settled. And that might seem counter-intuitive to a lot of people but then I could actually go out on the market and purchase effectively a bitcoin for 15000 and you might be saying how is that possible. Well because I made a thousand dollars worth of profit that's going to cut away from the sixteen thousand dollar price that it is on that particular date. So I hope that sort of makes sense. I know it's not exactly the most intuitive thing in the world but it's the best way I have to explain it.

             If you don't understand it after I just did my explanation there then what I would encourage you to do is look up cash settlement and there's going to be a ton of different articles out there that talk about futures and I'm pretty sure investopedia probably has one. They're my source whenever I have a question about investing. So I would really encourage you to check them out. If you ever do have a question about how futures work anyway. So now you have a basic understanding those initial margin requirements are very important because it ensures that you're actually able to pay out to the other counterparty in the contract. Remember that every contract has somebody that goes along somebody that agrees the buyback when in the future and they always have somebody that goes short somebody that agrees to sell bitcoin in the future at a certain price and as a result of that every single day there's going to be a new settlement almost in other words every single day the cash balances are going to change based off of the change in the prices that the futures and you'll be able to find that pricing data on a number of different exchanges as well as brokers. And of course Chicago Board Options Exchange as well as Seameo group will offer you those quotes themselves. For example you can see here this is the future quotes for CME Group. Of course they're not live yet but this is one place in which you will actually be able to tell how those are actually changing day to day. Anyway the point of all of this is that those initial margin requirements are going to be changing very rapidly I think depending on whether or not bitcoin is very volatile or not too volatile.

              And we're also probably going to see the maintenance margin requirements change rapidly as well. From broker to broker and again some brokers are not going to allow you to even go short on those future contracts in other words you're not going to be allowed to sell bitcoin in the future or of course you're not actually selling bitcoin you're not going be able to settle in the future with cash using certain brokers. And I'm pretty sure Interactive Brokers is one of them and they're one of the best brokers out there. So I want to be very clear about this. It does depend on where you go and everybody in the industry at the moment is very cautious about bitcoin futures. So if you're expecting a huge pump of liquidity into this market I will tell you that for the first expiration right until we get to that first expiration date it's probably not going to be as much liquidity as you might expect. So I would level your expectations a little bit here. And I also will say this I think that because we aren't going to see the huge pump of liquidity most likely I don't this might be a sell the news type event. I don't know if it's going to happen with the Chicago Board Options Exchange launch because of course they're much smaller than CME Group if CME Group. When they launched it the liquidity is not that high that I would expect bitcoin to do a fairly healthy correction. Okay especially if a lot of this buildup was the result of anticipation for these futures.

                 Now as to whether or not futures are good for bitcoin are bad for bitcoin they're absolutely good. OK a lot of people are speculative that it's going to result in Wall Street manipulating the price of coin and that's certainly possible to a certain extent. However there are position size limits although they're fairly large. They're going to be in the case of CME Group it's going to be a thousand contracts if I recall correctly probably have that in here somewhere. There you go. So you have a limit of a thousand contracts and then you have 5000 contracts I believe for the Chicago Board Options Exchange which means it's still being able to control 5000 bitcoin is plenty of money. I don't know exactly how much that works out to be at the moment I believe that 75 million dollars. So that's a fair chunk of change. All of this is to say though I do think that futures often offer higher liquidity in markets maybe not during this first month. It will offer more liquidity but it may not be as much as people expect however in the long term here I think that the increased liquidity into bitcoin is going to result in a much more efficient pricing of Bitcoin. It's going to result in much better price discovery for bitcoin. Basically matching supply and demand and we are going to see I think arbitrage opportunities in the Bitcoin market are actually going to start decreasing as a result of this. We've seen situations where jete X for example recently went all the way up to nineteen thousand seven hundred but I believe Gemini and some of the other U.S. exchanges only went up too.

                And I'm going based off of memory here but somewhere around like 17000 think 500 or so it was like 2000 dollars lower than GTAC was right. I don't think those opportunities are going to exist as much anymore because people are basically going to arbitrage between the spot price of bitcoin and then the future contract price of bitcoin. And it's going to result in people that essentially I think we're going to have a much more efficient market. I think we're going to see higher liquidity which is going to result in better pricing and Peer coin it's probably going to become less volatile in the long term. It is interesting to note that of course because even though initial margin requirements are going to be fairly high it is going to introduce leverage into the Bitcoin market which is always going to be very interesting. Right. If you have an initial margin requirement of 50 percent then that's the equivalent of being able to control over twice. Well not over twice exactly twice the amount of bitcoin that you could otherwise if you had bought it outright. So it is worth noting that Bitcoin futures are going to introduce much more leverage into the market. On the flip side it's going to increase liquidity probably increase the efficiency of the market which means we're going to see lower arbitrage opportunity between exchanges which means we're going to have a more efficient pricing market which means in the long term here volatility should decrease again. I think in the short term here we are going to see volatility probably increase just a tad again introducing leverage into a market like Bitcoin cannot possibly and in anything other than volatility. Okay seriously.

              So it is going to be interesting watching this over the coming weeks or so. I would encourage you not to touch bitcoin futures at least in the beginning I would be very cautious about it unless you're already experienced with futures and you understand perfectly well how they work and how speculative they can be and still you understand them I would not touch them. OK plain and simple. So if this is your first experience with futures especially if you've never had any experience with purchasing stock I wouldn't even bother with futures. Okay. Very clear about this. Please do not touch fut. unless you're an experienced ambassador and you know what you are doing and most of you can't even touch futures anyway because the initial margin requirement is going to be too high especially if bitcoins price continues going up. So anyway I just wanted to get my thoughts on bitcoin futures here. I think it's going to cause prices to go down in the short term here because I don't think there's going to be as much liquidity as people expect. And I've also noticed that Bitcoin tends to be a sell the news type environment. In fact all the crypto currencies tend to buy the rumor sell the news or buy the hype sell the news. It's never about the actual news that seems to be a catalyst. So it always seems they get a head of where it should be for a particular news event and then the news event happens and nothing happens with price. So at this point in time I'm not that bullish on Bitcoin. I do have a small position in it but I don't.

                 I'm not going to have a high position or anything like that. I'm not buying bitcoin going into the futures and I will probably be very cautious about bitcoin over the next month or so as we watch these futures play out. You are going to want to watch them very closely see the number of contracts that are being traded. The volume and whether or not it seems like institutional investors are jumping on to them or if they're staying away and being cautious we also want to pay attention to how many times price limits get hit. For those of you that are unfamiliar there are in fact going to be limits that are set in place so that if bitcoin moves over a certain amount in a day we are going to see it      essentially freeze at different levels. And finally trading will be halted altogether if bitcoins price moves 20 percent or more in either direction which actually would have been triggered on this particular day. Right. So I do. It's going to be very interesting watching what happens with bitcoin futures. I would say it's not going to be nearly as exciting. Rather I don't think it's going to affect price in a positive way as much as people anticipate. However I think in the long term futures are excellent because it's going to help settle a market or create a market based off of bitcoin that is much more stable in the long term of course I don't think it's going to be true in the short term cure.

             But we are going to see in the long term this is going to establish a market with higher liquidity more efficient pricing which is going to result I think in a higher probability that we see a bitcoin ETF approved. And if we see a bitcoin ETF approved you can bet a ton of capital will come into bitcoin regardless of whether or not it makes any sense.

              Plain and simple.

             So I hope you guys enjoy this Article. Let me know your thoughts on bitcoin futures as usual. If you would like to support me Otherwise leave a like comment and subscription and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to hunt deleted files easily

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 I'm going to be showing you how to hunt deleted files  quickly and safely recover deleted files like pictures messages contacts video audio documents WhatsApp messages and other deleted files from your Android device.

This is going to be a fairly simple process. Plus this tutorial is designed in a way says that it's going to be easy to follow. This was also requested video by a fellow subscriber. So let's get started. Oh but before we get started. Let's hope over to my phone and they need a couple of photos so that we can recover them later on in the tutorial. Not only photos you're going to go any deleted file but for the presentation purposes I'm going to be deleting these photos that it took two weeks back. So I got a photo of my friends at the mall and a white member of a picture of my buddy fixing some leaking pipes and doing some plumbing work at his place. Now I don't have any copies of these pictures. They were never backed up. So I'm going to be deleting these pictures from here pretty quick. And boom they're completely gone. It's actually very easy to accidentally and permanently lead files on smartphones. But recovery isn't as simple as that know the cycle bins on smartphones. So let me make it simple for you. Let me show you how to safely and quickly recover any deleted files from your Android smartphone by using the one that share Drfone data recovery software. Now folks there are many details of the software is out there. So why Drfone  you might ask whether that's mainly because Drfone holds the record of the heisted recovery dates in the industry. It's as good as the dedicatedly software can get. Plus it's very easy to use.       Download Drfone

So first of all you'll have to download and install the Drfone data recovery software on your Windows or Mac based computer for that. The first link under the thumbs up button that'll take you to the official website. Once there click on the. Try it for free and download the software for free. But if you want to quickly recover a super important file then it's highly recommended to buy or license the software beforehand. But anyways drying out this software is absolutely free. It can recover data from working as well as from broken or damaged smartphones. We're going to talk about that later in the video once Dr. phone is downloaded and installed on your computer. Simply open it up and straight up all the instructions will pop up on the screen in a very simple language. Making my job easier. Like I said it makes the complex process of data recovery very simple and it can be used by anyone. So from now on we're going to be following the On-Screen instructions. So first of all it allows you to connect your phone with the computer via the USB cable and also to turn on the USB debugging option on your phone for that. Head over to the Android settings on your device then scroll all the way down to the about devices section open that then scroll down and tab on the number section five to seven times in rapid succession then head back and you'll see a new option above the about devices have called as the devil a pass option open that.

Then make sure to turn on the developers option first then scroll down until you see the USB be debugging or Android debugging option. Most of them are saying than simply done that on one of the you is debugging option. Turn on connected device to a computer via the USB cable at this point Drfone will automatically recognize your device and start connecting with your smartphone. From now on if you see any permission window popping up on your android screen simply hit the yes button and allow the permission because that's going to help the software to secure a connection with your smartphone for that recovery.

Once the connection pod is done you can select the type of fights that you want to cover. That will make the recovery process much faster but it's better to have all selected that is leave it as it is. And here on the next button next stop you're going to get to scanning options. You can either go with the standard mode or you can go with the advanced mode of standard mode is what we're going to be using for today's video because it's much faster. But if your fight was not recovered by the standard more than go with the advanced mode.

Now folks have been using Drfone since two years and they never had the need to use the advanced mode. All I ever used was the standard mode. So leave it as it does and hit on the next button. Now

Drfone will start to connect and analyze your device which can take a couple of minutes and during the entire process if you get any permission window popping up on your android screen simply hit on the yes button and allow deeper emissions and if your device is rooted the software will ask for permissions simply allow the permissions as the recovery process will be much faster if a device is rooted. However if your device is not true dead not a problem. Simply ignore what I said and continue with the rest of the process. Once the connection is secured Drfone and start scanning for deleted files which can take between 2 minutes to an hour or two depending on the fights that you're looking for and the storage capacity of your device. Now based on my experience and observations discovering things like deleted contacts text messages. Call history and deleted WhatsApp messages can take around 15 to 20 minutes whereas scanning and recovering larger sized files like deleted pictures audio video WhatsApp attachments and larger sized documents can take more than 20 minutes and all the way up to an hour or two. So have some patience and it's highly recommended not to use your phone or decors during the scanning and recovery process. Probably the best thing about Drfone is as the scan is going on you can start looking through the available results for this specifically did find that you want to recover. And as the scan goes on more and more deleted files will start appearing in the list. So absolutely no time is wasted as the scan is going on.

You can start looking for the files that you want to recover and if you're able to find the deleted file that you want to recover before the scan is completed then you can either stop or pause discussion at any moment and recover defined right away. This detail the previous system which is one of the best and most unique feature of the iPhone saves a lot of time. As of now we are only 2 minutes into the scan and as you can see most of the stuff like deleted contacts call logs and messages and also a bunch of deleted is also available for recovery lodges I used file it's like documents video audio etc. are going to appear soon so I'm just gonna lay back and let the scan complete. Alright so the scan is done and it took around 15 to 20 minutes which was very fast considering that it was a full scan and my phone had a lot of data. So let's go ahead and check out what we have here. Alright so we have around 600 deleted contacts recovered. We have tons and tons of deleted messages recovered. We have entire conversations to cover. You see the thing that most people want to recover are important contacts for those messages and documents and those are the things that we have discovered over here. So moving on we also have entire WhatsApp conversations with attachments to recover which is a great thing but that's not what we're looking for. We are looking for the deleted pictures that we want to recover. Now pictures are found in the gallery section so hopping over to the gallery tab.

And I guess that is we have 1 2 3 4 on the up so we got all of the photos that we deleted earlier. Ready for equality which means this process was a huge success. All right so let's go ahead and recover these photos so that I can have them back on my phone. Now the actual recovery process is fairly simple once the software is licensed select the data are defined that you want to recover. You can recover a single file multiple files are all the files. At the same time. So we are going to quickly select these for Frodo's and then click on the recovery button right there. Next up select the location we want to save these recovered files. I'm going to select the deck stop and then hit on okay. That said it's done as simple as that. So let's head over to the next stop and check out the covered files so we got all the 4 photos recovered here but I'm specially looking for things like loss of quality and as you can see there's no loss in quality and all that fights would water covered in one piece which is a great thing. Now folks who will have to be Mombo one basic principle which is if a finally was deleted. Long time back. That is say a couple of weeks or months back and if defined was replaced by another fight that the chances of recovering that fight is very very low. So it's a smart move.

If you run the doctor from recovery software and get the deleted file back as soon as possible because as the time passes new files are created and these deleted files can get replaced by these new files. I mean at least that's the basic principle behind every data recovery system out there. Not talking about Drphone. You also got a couple of additional features that might be helpful for some of you like you can recover files from broken damaged or phones that are not turning on. Also for example say if you're logged out of your device that is you forgot your password. Oh got it wrong multiple times. No worries because Doctor phone can also recover data from log phones as well although as of today these features are still under testing but it's worth mentioning. Now I've been using Drfone to recover deleted data since two years now and I'm very happy with the results. I was able to recover multiple important data and files in these two years. I mean for the prize of just fifty dollars for lifetime. It's a great deal. Plus it's also going to be the best 50 dollars that you want to ever spend because you never know when the software can come in handy. So it's definitely a must have software and it's recommended by the Android guy. Plus it has a straight up 30 days money back guarantee. For those of you who didn't enjoy the level of satisfaction that 50 million users including me did so yup that's pretty much it. If you've got to learn something new today than do give this video a thumbs up and if you want to continue learning new things then do subscribe to the Android guy. If you haven't already. So I mean host headachy from the Android guy signing out and I hope you guys have a great piece. dont forgot Download Drfone is best software out there 

IPhone 10 the ultimate review

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Boys and Girls The Iphone. I am diving deep into the iPhone 10. Both the good and the bad. And if you pick one up I would love to know what your experience has been so far. So with the iPhone 10 there are a couple of key elements that make this phone what it is the first of which being the display it's a five point eight inch flat panel with a classically weird Apple resolution of 24 36 by 11:25 and weird numbers aside it looks really good. I think any doubt or concern with the display not being bright enough has been put to rest it's super bright the colors are extremely accurate and honestly that display is one of the most enticing features of the iPhone 10.

 Now for the question of Is there any blueshift And yet if you look for any Tilsit off axis you will definitely see a little bit of that. It is by no means pixel There's no denying if your little tilt shift crazy you're going to see a little bit of blue. Now the reason Apple is able to squeeze so much screen into the iPhone 10 is because of what is probably the biggest change to ever come to the iPhone and that is the omission of the home but it is completely gone. Honestly I got used to this and adjusted to it way way faster than I thought I would. No joke. Every time I pick up a phone that is not the iPhone 10 I find myself wanting to swipe up to go home. Now for the most part this works incredibly I don't find myself missing the home Button But there are a couple dumb things. One is control center that used to be a one had to move where you swipe up and that's how you access control center. But now you got to swipe down all the way in the top right and most of the time to comfortably do that you need to use two hands. Conversely you can enable reachability which is not enabled by default so pro tip headed in settings general accessibility. Once you have it enabled you can access reachability by doing this really really precise swipe down at the bottom edge of the phone is definitely easier than having to reach all the way towards the top right of the phone and then swiping down but it's still two steps and I don't think it's a foolproof solution. Now I know snazzy Q Is bust out at the seams and has this well-thought out elaborate solution to this but also to know what you guys think is a better alternative to this weird control center option we have now from there. The other slightly dumb thing that's not really a huge deal is how you exit out of apps before all you do is open up multitasking swipe up and that was it.

 Now once you're in the multitasking window you actually got to hold the app wait for that little - icon and then you can swipe out and exit out. Yeah it's not the biggest deal in the world before and when you know that me I totally get it. Technically you don't have to as that of apps. For me it's just kind of one of those unnecessary Two-Step movements. Now with the lack of home button the way you enable series by one saying hey not going to say that and trigger your phone or two holding the side button. Now one slightly annoying thing is if you do not disturbing enable unless you're in control center there is no way to know that it's on whether you're in the lock screen or actually in the phone there is no icon in the top right hand corner which makes it super easy to forget that it's on. And then it kind of leads into the next controversial thing with the iPhone 10 and that is the notch. Initially every mostly angry tech fans on Twitter seem to hate it. Honestly though the notch really isn't a big deal like 95 percent of the time I don't realize it's there. The only time I do notice it is when I'm watching wide screen video because the way that's formatted that notch is creeping its way in there and there is nothing you can do about it. Now the flip side of that for most YouTube videos that are in 16 by 9 you are not seen the notch whatsoever yes you can zoom in.

But for the most part that's not the optimal viewing experience because you are chopping off heads nothin happens drops some incredible looking widescreen video and watching those back on the iPhone 10 kind of got me thinking Is this the future of content especially with more and more of these phones headed that direction.

Next is face I.D. that feature that anyone anti-Apple deep down really wanted to fail but it actually was really well done and well executed just like the iPhone 10 face ID is imperfect but it's really good for me. It has to have works like 98 percent of the time there really hasn't been too many times. Words failed. It absolutely works at night in the dark whether you're in a car. I've been in planes it's worked flawlessly on the opposing end of the spectrum it's worked great outdoors in sunlight with glasses on with a hat on. The only time I've ever really had trouble with it is in the middle of the night when I wake up. I got one eye close and then it kind of trips up but for the most part it's worked really well and I haven't really missed Touch ID. I think we're face Id really shines is for password based application especially when browsing online you're already look out the phone so it becomes an instant thing that you don't really think about. The other pro with face I.D. is in the case where your hands are wet or it is crazy cold outside and you are forced to wear gloves. Yes the same argument could be made with face in the situations where it doesn't work.

But overall as a whole I think it's a step in the right direction hasn't slowed me down at all now because of all the tech required for face I.D. that has also yielded an emoji. I guarantee you by now you've probably seen some animo do you karaoke in your. But I want to give a shout out and some credit to Mr. snazzy Q For the best one on the Internet right now. I kind of wish I had a dollar for every time someone said the iPhone X thousand dollar emoji machine one. It's an emoji too. It's kind of fun man sort of Modise the sole reason why you would buy an iPhone 10. Absolutely not. If you want to use them they're there but if you don't no one is forcing you to Scott I remember that. Now as far as performance that ALA and Beinecke chip inside the iPhone 10 is no joke. Everything from multitasking to gestures to gaming is buttery smooth. Now with all that power one area where the iPhone 10 and even eight and a plus for that matter excels at and are kind of in a league of its own is a.r. It's still really early in terms of the development of apps and games but there's some pretty incredible stuff out there and if you own an iPhone 10 or 8 or a plus and haven't checked that augmented reality it is a lot of fun. I will say it's worth mentioning and this is the exact same chip also found an iPhone 8 and a plus it's kind of a testament to their performance as well. But as far as smartphone performance goes it is not even close right now.

Three to one with the iPhone 10 doesn't have as many cores as clearly it is not about the cores because there is some insane performance come out of the apple 10 as well as the 18:8 plus. So now that were fired up and before anyone ask what about the iOS books why did I have the ball. Yes performance on the air. Is incredible but there's no denying. IOS has been a little weird especially. No one can forget that weird stupid AI glitch where you typed in AI and autocorrect it into some weird characters and a question mark it has been since updated and fixed but it was out there for a long time and honestly that was one of the weirdest dumbest most annoying bugs I've ever dealt with on a smartphone. So to say the iPhone 10 has been an overall smooth experience isn't quite the case from their shift into some positive the camera and the iPhone 10 has been incredible. Again this features dual lenses a wide angle and a telephoto lens but the big thing here is that telephoto lens now features optical image stabilization. Now we first saw this dual lens the OAS on 0 8. It's something the iPhone a plus does not have. And it definitely makes a difference. The biggest thing I've noticed jumping from one angle to telephoto is that you're getting a much more consistent image in terms of low light and low light performance. Porcher mode in terms of the rear facing camera is excellent I think Apple does a really great job with this as a whole.

There really isn't much to complain as far as the camera goes on the iPhone 10 images are crisp they're sharp they're vibrant they're saturated. Now as far as the facing camera goes I would say it is equally as impressive as the rear camera my only real gripe with there are portrait selfies. Regular selfies look great lighting color skin tones. My only complaint is I wish it was just a little wider but I've always liked on Samsung phones. But as far as those porters selfies go it just seems like it's not quite the actual image quality and skin tones and color all look great. But for whatever reason it seems to have a real hard time with both hair and in my case ears work just doesn't get those correctly with the pixel to the image just some times over sharpened whereas with the iPhone I much prefer the more natural look. So if we could somehow combine both these elements that would be amazing. Now why think the pixel 2 might have the slight edge on the iPhone 10 as far as photos go. There is no comparison in terms of video the color the ability to go up to 48 60 frames per second the image stabilization at 110 is second to none if slow motion it tends to be up to 240 frames per second which is ridiculous. So use your phone to capture and create video the apple 110 is kind of in a league of its own as far as that goes from there not mention the battery life on the iPhone 10 has been surprisingly good. It's not as good as something like that from eight plus or seven plus for that matter. But it is definitely better than both from 7 and 8.

For me I've been averaging about six to eight hours of usage to get into the day is not a problem whatsoever. The stereo speakers in the iPhone 10 yeah they're not going to blow your mind. But I do enjoy having that feature and it does make a difference over phones that don't have stereo speakers as a whole. I think the iPhone 10 is the best and most exciting thing Apple's put out in a very long time. I'm excited to see where this goes in the future not only with Apple specifically but with the smartphone game as a whole. What I'm saying is that it's a great time to be alive in terms of smartphone technology and technology in general right now the iPhone 10 is definitely a part of that. I've enjoyed it.

How I Make Money Fast without working

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Today I'm going to show you guys how to make money fast. The absolute best way. But quickly before that. Make sure to bookmark my site because I'm going to be publishing some of the most awesome and valuable content you've ever seen. I'm planning to release e-book about online money making methods psychology tricks to make you a master at influencing people. Secrets about growing website that other big blogs simply won't tell you. And so much more cool stuff. Additionally this animated format is what I'm going to be mostly using from now on. So if you like it please comment below. So they do it more in the future. How I make money without working and how to earn money without investment ? this can helps you, Now let's talk about the absolute best way to make money fast. This method is a very simple structure and I will go through these three easy steps starting now. 
 Create a Account in Fiverr first and Then Make Big Money !

Step 1: the fiverr buy Spend a little bit of money on fiverr to acquire an awesome product that you're going to sell to other people. I personally think the best product to buy for this specific method is an e-book. How this works is that you go to fiverr and search for ghostwrite ghostwriting is a simple service where you hire someone to write a book for you and you get to claim that you wrote it you own all the rights you own everything and you don't have to say that you've got it ghostwritten pretty awesome right.    

When you search for ghostwrite on a fiverr lots of results are going to show up and prices will vary widely search thoroughly to find the best price for the most words in order. This person's service for example I was recently able to find someone was offering $5 for 500 words and they had well over 100 good reviews to try to pick someone like this and make absolute certain that after they write the book you own 100 percent of the rights to the book. Oh and by the way I know that you have to spend a little money to do this but trust me that it is worth it. Every smart entrepreneur knows that you have to spend money to make money. It's a crappy truth but it's true anyway. You might as well work with it. Get your ghostwriter to make the book between 5000 and 10000 words. This is perfect for a viral e-book. And finally the most important part of the book. Make sure it has a viral niche. What does a viral niche you ask. A viral niche is something that everyone in their right mind would want to buy. For example an e-book about chess is not a viral niche because only a few people would want to buy them. On the other hand an e-book called How to reach your goal in a year or how to get motivated in three minutes is going to be great. These are perfect examples of a viral image. Make sure to tell your ghostwriter that you want this title in subject matter after you get the book written which should not take very long. Self-publish it on Amazon is the number one e-book site and everyone buys it. Also you can publish your book completely free. It costs absolutely nothing. Open up another tab and search for how to publish my book on Amazon. It's super easy and should realistically take you less than an hour.

Step 2: reviews Get all your friends and family to give your book good reviews on Amazon ,Amazon Books are rated on a scale of one to five stars. And if someone on Amazon sees that your book has good reviews they're much more likely to buy it. Now some of you are probably not comfortable with asking people you know to review your book and that's okay because you can also buy $5 reviews on fiverr. Simply search for Amazon book review on fiverr and you'll find plenty of people generally these people will give on disparate use but will usually give you a good rating too. You only need about three to convince people your book is good enough to buy once your book is written has an awesome catchy title falls into a viral niche and has some good reviews. You're almost done. Now it's time for the cash to flow.

Step 3: Sell Selling viral niche e-books is probably ten times easier than you think and can make you a crazy amount of money. All you have to do is do it every other successful startup business has done. Use the phone. Find a phonebook for a heavily populated region like New York. Start calling people and asking them whether they are interested in your book. Search online for an easy selling script and use it or you can use the completely free script below

Hi there (customer name). My name is (your name) and I am an aspiring new author who wrote a book about (your viral niche / title of book), and I’m going from person to person asking if they’d like to receive of a copy of my book because it can change lives for the better, and already has some great reviews that you can see for yourself on I know you probably get calls all the time, but I think if you get this book, you won’t regret the talk we are having this very moment. So, what do you think?

If they say yes:
Great! All you have to do is go to the Amazon Kindle store and search for…

If they say no:
Well, I really appreciate your time, and if it turns out that you’d like to support me as an author and simultaneously read a fabulous book, don’t hesitate to email me at (make a simple author email they won’t forget and use this here), just in case you change your mind. I hope you have a great day sir/ma’am.

If you find this content to be useful please share this to everyone. Here's an important to remember. As an entrepreneur learn fast and don't get discouraged it's pretty likely the first 10 people you call won't want to buy your book but that's fine because this is a numbers game. Excuse the pun price your book between 10 and 20 dollars so that people will be more convinced your book is high quality but will still be willing to spend their money. Imagine how many people you could call in eight hours of grinding for your business if you can call around 40 people per hour and manage to sell on 10 percent of the calls you're making between 40 and 80 dollars per hour. Even if you don't like selling much this prospect is pretty tempting. Here's another cool strategy to sell. And it's called marketing. Once someone has purchased one of your books write down their phone number and keep them in a list with other people who have bought your book then simply get another book written published and call them up again. Your chances of selling are much higher for people who bought from you before. And that's pretty much it folks. It takes a lot of hard work but this is the standard business blueprint that successful companies use and what separates the winners from the losers is your ability to do two things. Learn as you go and grab new life.

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Top way to hack any Snapchat accounts

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This will be big how to hack snap chat with simple steps this article will help you to attack any snap chat account without any skill you need some basic skill noting so very important it easy, Snapchat is one of the social networks growing fast. Many user using snap and insta but snap is king in this era.
Note hacking illegal use your own risk this article all about providing information
I just wrote article about How to hack whatsapp and PayPal

First Download Mspy
1.       Using spying app
mSpy Features:
  • Hack phone Calls and Text Messages.
  • Hack WhatsApp, Skype and other popular messengers.
  • Track Real-Time Location with GPS Tracker.
  • Spy on Contact List and Web Browsing activities.
  • Monitor Emails, Pictures and Videos.
  • Operates in Hidden Mode and remains Undetected!
  • No Rooting Required! 
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Easy ways to hack WhatsApp

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This one of the awesome tricks for hacking Whatsapp account using this simple trick. You all know Whatsapp is the biggest online messaging system using million of online and offline users. Many hackers want to hack a Whatsapp account so this trick is recommended to all of you. The internet is a bigger than the Whatsapp and hackers so to hack a Whatsapp account is not simple to hack So many people is asking how to hack other peoples Whatsapp accounts

This post for education purpose and for secure your Whatsapp account today is the day to hack the whatsapp and more fun. whatsapp is one of the most using messenger all times many people can chat or sent media if you want to hack the whatsapp account you need a spy software or a computer using this. We can do the job. Millions of people using the Whatsapp you all know if anyone connected in the Internet, we can hack. That's it but HACKING IS CRIME this post for the information I have gotten from the Internet, I share this information to you guys. Do you know the Kali Linux? In that Linux, there are various tools for do bad things like cracking, Hacking but it also as used as education purpose if you are the beginner of the Linux world it is very hard to understand this, but you know basic commands that will help in Kali Linux. We can find a lot of things in the Internet.     Read steps carefully    
                          Just follow [how i make money withoutworking]

This is the century of the Internet, but we also called Hacking Freedom
Note:But remember you. Guy's hacking is the crime and don't try to hack. This just an education information 

Two ways to hack whatsapp

1.       Using spying app
mSpy Features:
  • Hack phone Calls and Text Messages.
  • Hack WhatsApp, Skype and other popular messengers.
  • Track Real-Time Location with GPS Tracker.
  • Spy on Contact List and Web Browsing activities.
  • Monitor Emails, Pictures and Videos.
  • Operates in Hidden Mode and remains Undetected!
  • No Rooting Required! 
Download Here
2.       Using MAC address
·         Find out the Mac address of the target phone on which you need to hack WhatsApp account:
    1. For Android – Navigate to Settings —> About Device —> Status—> Wi-Fi MAC address
    2. For iPhone – Navigate to Settings—> General —> About —> Wi-Fi address
·         Once you’ve the Mac address of the target WhatsApp phone
·         Next, install WhatsApp on your phone using the target phone number and verify it.
·         Now, you’ve an exact replica of the target WhatsApp account and you should receive all the conversation and updates on your phone as well. Read Also Get Rs 200

Thank you for reading this article. This is an article all about information and Don’t Hack anyone I remember you hacking is a crime.